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Trucking Masters LAX provides freight services to commercial and residential customers throughout Southern California. We are an indispensable part of a reliable and efficient supply chain. Our rates, availability and comprehensive service make Trucking Masters LAX the right choice for all of your freight transport needs. Every manufacturing, distribution, and service company depends on timely delivery of goods by truck.

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    Trucking Masters LAX prime location minimizes delays and allows us to handle your last-minute pick-ups and deliveries. Our warehouse is located at the junction of the 405 and 105 freeways, adjacent to Los Angeles International Airport and the major container freight stations. We service all of Southern California on a daily basis, see coverage.

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    We employ only the most talented drivers, latest technology, and best equipment to ensure that Trucking Masters LAX remains second to none.

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Our Services

Our Services


Trucking Masters' prime location minimizes delays and allows us to handle your last-minute pick-ups and deliveries. Our warehouse is located at the junction of the 405 and 105 freeways, adjacent to Los Angeles International Airport and the major container freight stations. We service all of Southern California on a daily basis, including Santa Barbara, Ventura, Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego, Riverside, and San Bernardino Counties. We provide individual attention to our clients that larger companies cannot offer. Trucking Masters' experienced dispatch team plans, controls and implements the efficient pick-up, warehousing, and delivery of freight for every client. Our office staff provides industry-leading service, including instant rate quotes, and twenty-four hour dispatch. Our management team is available every day of the year to service your account. This is our vision of a complete Transportation and Warehousing Service Company.


Deliveries in a timely and safe manner Entrust Trucking Masters Lax with your LTL and LCL shipments. We have the personnel and resources to get the job done. We have you covered in Southern California! Trucking Masters Lax will provide instant proofs of delivery and hard copies each morning for all import shipments. These services will be available immediately, not phased in over time.


Seven thousand square feet complete with high-capacity warehouse racking. Ten dock spaces serviced by three super-duty forklifts. Premises protected by two infrared and motion detection alarm systems. Safety first: Trucking Masters Lax complies with all applicable regulations and statutes concerning the operation of a local cartage company. Trucking Masters Lax undertook a major review of its safety program and freight handling procedures in the wake of September 11 terrorist attacks. The comprehensive review resulted in a revised safety manual and ongoing safety program that meets or exceeds federal requirement in all areas.


Your time is too precious to make multiple calls, looking for flatbed equipment. Make one call to Trucking Masters Lax, and you’ll get your day back. Meanwhile, our flatbed experts will coordinate the details. You can relax, knowing that our extensive understanding of flatbed’s special requirements and deep experience can get your freight to the customer, right on time. We make flatbed simple: We provide service for basic flats to haul your shipments. You can expect reliable pickup and on time delivery. You’ll work with a single flatbed specialist from start to finish. Experts in flatbed shipping will handle your over dimensional and overweight loads


TRUCKING MASTERS LIMITS OF LIABILITY: "Unless a greater value is declared herein, the shipper agrees and declares that the value of the property released to an amount not exceeding $50.00 for any shipment of 100 pounds or less and not exceeding 0.50 cents per pound for shipments in excess of 100 pounds.


Warehousing refers to the temporary storage of goods before they are transported to their final destination. It allows trucking companies to efficiently manage the inventory of their clients while waiting for the shipment to be delivered. Warehousing services in a trucking company can range from simple storage to more complex logistics management, including inventory control, order picking, and packaging.
Trucking Masters LAX offer warehousing as an additional service to their clients, providing an end-to-end service that includes storage, transportation, and delivery.


Trucking Masters' Logistics is a multi-faceted California based logistics organization that provides warehousing, distribution, transportation services throughout California. With many years of services, we intimately understand the complexities of our region and what it takes to provide our clients with the most cost effective and reliable solutions available.

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A team of skilled drivers and logistics experts.

At our delivery service, we pride ourselves on offering the most efficient and reliable solution available. We understand how crucial it is to have your packages delivered on time and in pristine condition, which is why we prioritize speed, safety, and accuracy. Our team of skilled drivers and logistics experts use the latest technology to ensure every order is tracked and delivered promptly.

We also offer a range of delivery options to meet your specific needs, whether you require same-day delivery or a scheduled delivery for larger items. Whatever your delivery needs may be, you can trust us to get the job done right. Choose us for hassle-free, exceptional service and experience peace of mind knowing your packages are in good hands.

  • Most efficient.
  • Reliable solution available.
  • Skilled drivers and logistics experts.

One of the best trucking companies in Los Angeles

Trucking Masters LAX is considered one of the best trucking companies in Los Angeles due to their exceptional service in the industry. Their experienced and knowledgeable team of professionals provides top-notch transportation and logistics solutions to their clients that are reliable, safe, and efficient.

Trucking Masters LAX has a modern fleet of trucks that are constantly updated with the latest technologies to ensure high performance and sustainability. Their customer service is exemplary, and their rates are competitive, making them a preferred choice for businesses in Los Angeles. They have gained a reputation for their timely deliveries and exceptional attention to detail. Trucking Masters LAX's commitment to quality has placed them amongst the leading trucking companies in Los Angeles, earning them the trust and loyalty of their clients.